The Yacón Tuber

I’m not trying to show off here…

But our Yacón harvest this year is phenomenal!
If you are new to the Yacón, let me share the link where you can read about this easy to grow and store, high-yielding, supernutritious and crunchy like an apple, Yacón root (pronounced ya-kon).

We have had a few nippy nights these last weeks and the once vibrant, green Yacón plants turned black almost overnight.

So it was time to uplift the crowns and harvest the tubers. There is something very special about going into our healthy soil with bare hands and finding tubers of all different sizes and shapes. They are surprisingly fragile and easily break or scratch when they are fresh.

I give them a clean-up with a garden hose and then bring them inside to ‘cure’ for a couple of weeks. (By the way… this is only one-fifth of our harvest! As I said, I’m not trying to show off.)

And then it’s time to enjoy them:
* fresh – in yoghurt or a salad, or just as a snack
* dried
* turned into a sweet syrup
* stir-fried, baked or roasted

The calorie content is very low, because it has a special type of sugar, a sugar that cannot be digested by humans, called Fructooligosaccharides (FOS).
FOS have huge benefits on human health, that is because FOS are considered soluble dietary fiber (SDF). SDF is a type of sugar that is not absorbed but rather fermented in our gut, a synonym of SDF is called prebiotic, and Yacón has the highest known natural contents of FOS.
Pre-biotics directly nourish and strengthen the good bacteria in our guts, boosting a series of healthy processes in the body.

The crowns are safely stored in the shed; tucked together in a box with some sawdust as a protection. I will plant them out in spring and so the cycle continues!

One thought on “The Yacón Tuber

  1. Thank you Irma – have just been outside gathering mine as the frost has killed off the leaves…then heard your RCR talk and was so moved by it and inspired to connect -clicked on this – lovely co-incidence! Will email you too : ). Leah

    I have been looking for a good NVC link as I intend to help support the upcoming proliferation of build villages very much in line with your bucket list. : )

    I am also new to eating meat and feeling very conflicted with the humility and sacrifice I feel – we just did our first home kill and are due to do another soon and I am feeling much trepidation. I have been looking online for advice and discussion of spiritual farming but of course all I can find are fairly condemning viewpoints. I love my animals very much and have a nurturing nature and I really struggle with the fact that I am feeling SO much healthier and stronger with meat in my diet.

    I would love to know if you have written anything on this topic that I could read?

    I have friends in a village that is collapsing right now and have been trying to help them find their way to NVC so have sent them the link to your talk. Thank you for the path you have chosen to walk and share.

    You may have also inspired me to be a part of my local volunteer fire brigade ; )


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