Nonviolent Communication “Transforming Enemy Images
Weekend Workshop

Kina Beach Tasman
4 & 5 December 2021 (new dates)

This workshop offers a way of transforming challenging relationships and to open ourselves up to see the beauty in another. Paying attention to the key principle of “all we are ever doing is attempting to meet needs,” this process supports us to begin to connect with the needs within another even when the strategies we are seeing unfold in front of us are tragic. You will learn the skills of the Transforming Enemy Images Process to empathically connect to your needs & the needs of others in order to resolve conflict peacefully. 
This workshop is based on the work of Dr Marshall Rosenberg (founder of NVC).  
You will discover how to 
• Transform judgements 
• Transform relationships 
• Embody the skills of giving & receiving empathy • Connecting more deeply to your own needs • Give empathy in difficult situations.  
• Be more empowered.
Facilitated by Wayne Prince & Deb Hipperson.

To register
Register your interest by sending Irma a message through this website.
Pay a non-refundable deposit of $100 to secure your spot. The total cost of the weekend is a sliding scale of $225 – $275 (to be paid in the week before the workshop). I would love you to join me. ❤

The Great Pause

Friday 15 July – Monday 18 July, 2022
Appleby House – Mapua / Nelson

This retreat is for women who are experiencing any stage of menopause.
The focus is on supporting the body, mind, and spirit to find creative and caring ways to be with this new stage of life.
The Great Pause started in 2020 and the 2022 retreat will see several participants returning – showing that this was a very meaningful time for them.

Will you join us?

Ruby Retreat

5-Day Non-Residential Retreat for those wanting freedom from addiction
Starting each first Friday of the month
The Wee Wellbeing Studio Ruby Bay / Mapua

This non-residential programme consists of a variety of different sessions/therapies aimed to impart tools for relapse prevention. We want everyone to be heard and accepted just as they are so they can grow into the true expression of themselves. 

Ruby Retreat is for those wanting freedom from addiction. Respecting that substance use disorders can range in severity and substance, our programme is broadly therapeutic and we think beneficial to all that may attend.

It is our understanding that most addictive patterns stem from trauma. Acknowledging this, we aim to create a safe space to uncover blocks that could impede recovery.