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Poor Man’s Guacamole

The broad bean season is upon us. While doing some gardening this afternoon, the broad beans got my attention. I swear that the beans had doubled in size since last time I looked (which was yesterday!). I had already made plans to have nachos for dinner and <lightbulb moment> I decided to turn some beansContinue reading “Poor Man’s Guacamole”

I hear you

How a challenge became a gift. This morning, my husband, Jan Albert, and I had a moment of disconnection and it led to a most wonderful insight… The background… we will soon have two house-cows with full udders, wanting to be milked. Over the last few days we have been talking about sharing this taskContinue reading “I hear you”

The Yacón Tuber

I’m not trying to show off here… But our Yacón harvest this year is phenomenal! If you are new to the Yacón, let me share the link where you can read about this easy to grow and store, high-yielding, supernutritious and crunchy like an apple, Yacón root (pronounced ya-kon). We have had a few nippy nightsContinue reading “The Yacón Tuber”


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