Show-Off… or Celebration?

At the moment there are quite a few things in me that I would love to celebrate. And with some of these things, I notice that I have some discomfort coming up, in sharing them with others. I don’t want to show-off like the peacock… Well actually… I would LOVE to be this peacock thatContinue reading “Show-Off… or Celebration?”

The Elephant Puppet

The Giraffe and Jackal puppet are symbols we use when sharing Nonviolent Communication. The Giraffe reminds us of our compassion whereas the Jackal is a symbol for our state of judgement, comparison or evaluation. Recently I had a one-on-one session with a new client. She was introduced to these puppets for the first time andContinue reading “The Elephant Puppet”

Community Living at WantooWantoo

Kris Kolff – who recently turned 80 – was filmed a few years ago and this documentary has now been made public. It gives a glimpse into his life and the life of all who are calling WantooWantoo their home. If you are interested in Nonviolent Communication, community living, parenting or home-education – settle downContinue reading “Community Living at WantooWantoo”

The Power of Empathy

I experienced the power of empathy. This story takes me back quite a few years. I had been aware of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and personally experienced the true magic of receiving empathy, but it was still quite new to me. I found a little parking spot during a busy time of the year in HighContinue reading “The Power of Empathy”