Show-Off… or Celebration?

At the moment there are quite a few things in me that I would love to celebrate. And with some of these things, I notice that I have some discomfort coming up, in sharing them with others.

I don’t want to show-off like the peacock…

Well actually… I would LOVE to be this peacock that so shamelessly shows his beauty.

I was born in The Netherlands and part of the culture I grew up in encouraged me to ‘be good and tell it’. After arriving in New Zealand in 1995 I became aware of the term Tall Poppy – which by the way doesn’t exist in Dutch. And people weren’t just referring to my 6 foot stature. I imagine that a few times, I have been labelled as ‘arrogant’ or a ‘show-off’. Sigh…

Until I became aware more recently, through the consciousness of Nonviolent Communication, that there is a different way to look at this. One of the universal human needs is ‘celebration’. And this doesn’t just refer to having a cake with candles on your birthday. 🎂 It also doesn’t refer to a comparison of me with someone else. What it means (for me) is that I can celebrate me, in all my Irma-ness without this being a threat to anyone else. It is not coming from a place of win/lose or right/wrong. It is seeing me for who I am. And I long for you to celebrate you for who you are.

Is there anything today that you would like to celebrate out loud – without any sense of shame – because you can trust that those around you want to join in and celebrate you? And in the same way, you would love to join them in celebrating them.

And oh, in case you’re wanting to know what I wanted to celebrate… flick me a message and I’ll tell you all about it!

5 thoughts on “Show-Off… or Celebration?

  1. I’d like to know too, tho’ I probably know already…?

    I regularly celebrate to myself things I do, or I say, or not say. Often to people close to me, and I suppose that is celebrating my me-ness.
    Like you and I do with each other, Irma, frequent celebration
    And here you are putting it out there, in a blog ~ Hallelujah!


  2. I too would enjoy hearing about your joy in celebrating.
    I also enjoyed the RCR interview with Natalie, in particular how you are navigating a recovery from the trauma of division and mandates.


    1. Glad you asked 🙂 I won’t bore you with all my celebrations, but here are the highlights:
      – I have started to work (remotely) for the Center for Nonviolent Communication in the US this week; 7-10 hours per week, flexible and the job was created because the director worked with me during the recent 9-day training in Taupo and he ’snapped’ me up 😀
      – the 9-day International Intensive Training in Taupo was very well received and I loved it soooo much and it was intense but also very easeful for me in my role as organiser
      – I’m getting one after the other request for one-on-one or family coaching sessions
      – And I am celebrating how joyful it was to do that interview with Nat on RCR radio!


      1. Congratulations Irma, it is inspiring for me to hear how your passion for authenticity and community continues to give you joy, expansion and income while sending positive ripples (or waves!) into the collective/community. Silver linings!


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