Poor Man’s Guacamole

The broad bean season is upon us.

While doing some gardening this afternoon, the broad beans got my attention. I swear that the beans had doubled in size since last time I looked (which was yesterday!).

I had already made plans to have nachos for dinner and <lightbulb moment> I decided to turn some beans into poor man’s guacamole. That would add to the nachos, for sure.

A quick pick of the biggest pods, shelling them and then steaming until they burst their skin.

From then on I followed this recipe. I was tempted to skip the “remove the outer skin” part… but a close-by teenage daughter proved very handy for that. And the result was a smooth, delicious and bright green “guac”.

If you happen to live close to Motueka and you don’t have broad beans… send me a message and you can do some PYO in my garden.

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