Giving and Receiving

I gratefully received.

Receiving the support of my friend, Emma, has no doubt been a gift to her in return. Look at the smile on both our faces… toasting – with a glass of home-made, cherry-flavoured kombucha – on the launch of my website!

Creating a website from scratch has been a completely new experience for me. Although WordPress is considered ‘user-friendly’ once you have it up and running, it was a huge hurdle for me to get to that place.
The idea to create a website started at the end of 2019. I made some small attempts here and there and then it just stared at me for months and months, not going anywhere. I mentioned it to Emma a few months ago and she offered her support and expertise. I said ‘yes’ to it and a wave of relief came over me.

I have a sense that, in our Western culture, asking for support is hard and I can certainly relate to that myself. Nonviolent Communication has given me the insight that by me receiving someone’s gift, I am giving in return.
I see it connected to universal needs of support, community and contribution.

Look again at Emma’s smile. She was so excited with the end result of my website and her input in it. That I accepted her offer of support was a gift to her.

Next time someone offers you a ‘gift’ (in whatever shape or form), how about practicing receiving this gratefully and gracefully with the awareness that you are very likely giving something back.

4 thoughts on “Giving and Receiving

  1. Love seeing you smiling! It’s contagious! – Smiling back to you guys! So excited about this website!!! Can’t wait to read more! ❤


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