Broccoli Musings

I adore broccoli.

Right now, this is a helpful thing. Because broccoli heads have a tendency to be ready ALL at once. It seems to me that they are communicating with each other…. hurry up… we are all going to be ready TOMORROW!

Going into the garden this morning, kitchen knife in one hand and basket in the other, I decided to cut off four heads (I’m glad I’ve mentioned that these were broccoli’s I was going to behead) even though a few more were looking longingly at me. But I ignored them completely because dealing with four broccoli heads gives me enough stress already. Mind you, my family has been eating broccoli for dinner about every other night for the last week. Oh, and then I try to ‘sell’ the left-over broccoli at lunchtime as well.

I need to come up with a plan or else a disguise of the broccoli because I’m loosing my carefully build-up reputation as a ‘wonderful cook’.

I have tried to blanch and then freeze them in the past… not a good look. The broccoli’s were soggy and sad when cooked a second time.

Now I’m thinking to make broccoli soup. Because I imagine that would freeze well. So I can serve it at a time that everyone is actually excited about broccoli again. I like Creamy Broccoli Soup with Bacon recipe, especially because I have home-grown bacon and some fresh beef bone-broth as well as an abundance of cream (instead of the coconut cream). Yes, I’ve got a plan… off to the kitchen! But please share with me your broccoli recipes.

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